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Our naturopath can help put an end to those nights with your child scratching and crying all night due to their eczema. She has many years of experience in treating eczema, particularly in children. Skin can be healed from the inside out by addressing food sensitivities, reducing inflammation and balancing the immune system.


25% of Canadians (about 8.5 million) suffer from seasonal allergies and the numbers are growing. Let's put an end to this! Stop relying on antihistamines and decongestants and start enjoying every season of the year. Our Naturopath has helped many people with allergies by using nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle coaching.


Our naturopath's treatment focus for asthma includes: 1. Eating the best foods to combat asthma. 2. Using natural substances that reduce inflammation and prevent your airways from tightening. In her experience, the combination of these help achieve easy breathing, better exercise tolerance, and overall improved quality of life.

Plant-Based Lifestyle

Dr. Aida a naturopathic doctor is a food fanatic and loves having conversations about food, especially whole, plant-based foods! Through her naturopathy practice she offers her expertise on vegetarian/vegan diets and can support you if you're just starting out, thinking about starting, want to optimize or you just want to start adding more wholesome and nourishing foods to your existing diet. Located throughout Toronto.

Vitamin Injection Therapy

The active form of vitamin B12, which makes it easier for your body to utilize, is injected for a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, fatigue, dementia, asthma, numbness and tingling, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.